What can I say about Vino? It is one of my favorite places in the world to be! Not just for the wine, but for the food, the appetizers, the friends, the staff!! Everything they offer feels like home. I could walk in and they could yell, “Norm'(as in Cheers for those of you who don’t know) and I would feel more welcome than any place else. I truly have come to care for Matt and his staff just like they were my family. If you have never been, come join the party(or family). It is the best!!!

Rita Shelton

Vino Cellars is more than a wine shop, it’s a way of life! Happiness is being a Vino Cellars wine club member!

Mark & Maureen Conrad

The monthly gathering of the Vino Cellars Wine Club has enabled us to meet new friends and enjoy great wines in a comfortable setting.

Bill & Marlee Alter

Since Vino Cellars appeared on the scene, I have been a huge fan! I have met some of my best friends there. It has become a regular meeting place for many of us, with great wines, food and atmosphere. I admit I wasn’t too sure about a Vino at the Lake. Would we lose Matt? How would things change, etc. But, it has been an awesome addition to our big family. A beautiful setting, awesome food and wine and a whole new set of friends join our great Springfield family. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon or evening in two great locations! Cheers!

Besty Worthy