Joining Vino Cellars’ wine club, Club Vinoville, is like becoming part of a new (and really fun) family. It’s a fantastic way to network and make friends while learning about wines and enjoying great discounts.

Our wine club social, held on the first Saturday of every month, is a “do not miss” event held exclusively for club members. It’s a time to get together, relax and enjoy the company of friends who enjoy a great glass of wine as much as you do.

Every month club members will receive two unique bottles of wine. And we’re not giving away the stuff nobody wants. The wine will be brand new to the store and will have a guaranteed minimum value of $40 or higher. With membership priced at just $40 per month, it doesn’t take a calculator to figure out this club is a great deal. Plus, you’ll save 10% on purchases every time you visit and enjoy exclusive member pricing on all of our special events.