There are about 150 wines to choose from every day at Vino Cellars. And you don’t have to mortgage the house to buy a bottle. Nearly all of our wine is priced under $30. While our wine is affordable, it’s definitely not cheap. We purchase our wines from boutique style producers with first rate products.

If you’re still drinking the wine mom always bought because, well, it’s all you really know, Vino Cellars can help you branch out and find your own style. Tasting is always free. And, if you try something and realize it’s not your style, bring it back (before drinking all of it, please) and exchange it for something else! That’s our wine guarantee.

When wine shopping consists of grabbing the bottle with the best logo and throwing it on a conveyor belt next to a frozen pizza, it’s time to pay a visit to Vino Cellars. Our easy to use cellar notes identify every wine by its taste and weight, helping customers to choose something they’ll love to drink. And our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer questions. In fact, come in a few times and we’ll probably know your name and wine preferences enough to make a personalized recommendation.

Whether it’s for a meal or special occasion, Vino Cellars takes the guesswork out of buying wine. Oh, and don’t worry, our bottles have pretty good looking logos, too.

Not into wine? No problem, we have beer too!

Beer PintsIt’s okay. We understand. Some people just prefer a good bottle of beer to a glass of wine. At Vino Cellars, beer drinkers are welcome, too!

We carry about 20 different craft beers to make you feel right at home.  Mix & match your own six-pack for home or just enjoy a nice, cold beer in our spacious lounge.